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CA League starts Nov 7th!

UnholyBliss / Sep 12, 2016
Get your team ready for Season 2 of the CA league. More information will be coming soon, so keep on the lookout.

It will be 4v4 format again, so start recruiting and scrimming!


are you suggesting we practice?
strange concept
Hey guys, long time no speak!
I'm pretty excited about the new CA league starting up again, even though I don't have internet still ill be keeping tabs on all the teams and I hope ill be back at it with you guys soon.
Lets all try and get as many teams together as we can and put the word out. PAK2 will be trying to defend their title lets see who can step up and knock them off the top. Good luck to all and DON'T forget NOV.7th will be here quicker than you think!

Didn't get to play as much as I would've liked last season - looking forward to season 2!
1 or 2 teams will be stacked and the rest no competition I think a draft would of been more fun idea
Depending on how many teams resign up, we will have open and invite divisions based on points last season. That way the games are more balanced.
when and where do we sign up?
Wair dat fawk his de bruhket ate?
Not available yet I presume.
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