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mRz / Jun 10, 2018

Fyi, playoff match tonight between Team kgb vs Team yhp at 10pm est. Going forward there will be a poll for the community to vote on which team will win. Please visit to cast your vote for tonight's match ***

mRz / May 04, 2018

Please read and understand the set of rules for the upcoming playoffs.Also each captain were asked to toss 2 maps away from the rotation. With the exception of yhp as he did not respond on time. Here are the votes:end - evis/devilishbubbly - mummy...

mRz / Apr 22, 2018

Please visit to check your week 8 schedules. Please note 2 matches are also scheduled on this week from week 7 as they were delayed due to roster changes. Team END vs Team QkumbR - week 7(April 25 at 10pm est) ...