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[Pinned] League Rules
Season 2 Information

[Pinned] League Rules

eBattlegrounds Clan Arena League Season 2This league consists of 13 teams. The format of this league will be of the Swiss style tournament. Clan arena (4v4)Each team must have at least 6 registered players on rosterThe lea...
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Season 2 Information

[Pinned] Quick Links & Information

Rules: Pool:campgroun...
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Season 2 Information

Clarification on pick/ban list

This season we employ a "blind" pick/ban map elimination system. Every team handed over a list of maps from most preferred, to least preferred. Here is how this works so a team can modify their pick/ban list to what they think most benefits them...
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Season 2 Information

Donation page and information

To make a donation to the league: keep track of the donations, I will log them here. Big thank you to the following: $300 USD Boodah519$100 USD Thorleo
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